Meet Our Dentist

bpDr. Brent Ellis Parrott, the oldest of Dr. Harvey Parrott’s five children, spent most of his childhood in Paradise (we have yet to see where or when he will “grow up”), earned his Eagle Scout, graduated from Paradise High, went to Brigham Young University, served a two year mission in Spain, (while there he became fluent in Spanish and has kept it up) then earned his DDS degree from Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha Nebraska.

While in school Brent had three kids, Lauren (now 20 is attending college in Utah working toward teaching special education) , Tyler (died at 2 months -SIDS-), and Jacob (now 15 is living near Disneyland, active in sports, and learning to drive oh no!).   After graduating, Brent spent ten years practicing dentistry in the Phoenix Arizona area prior to moving back to Paradise to fulfil his long term dream of working with his father. While in Paradise Brent started his search to find a good wife and found a fantastic one on an online singles service. One catch, she was 1,326 miles away in Canada. Another catch, she had five kids.

The oldest still lives in Canada with her husband and their first grandson. If you stop by the Oroville office on the right day you can meet the second oldest, she lives a little closer with her husband who plays football for Butte College. Her oldest son passed away shortly after the married. #3, Spencer, is in Vanuatu (Near Fiji) for two years serving a full time mission and will be home in 2013. Their youngest is a Senior at Paradise High School and will be attending Butte College also as part of the College Connection program.

Alexis and Brent were married in Feb 2004 and moved to the same street as the rest of the Parrott gang. Alexis proved once again how amazing she is by jumping in, with no previous experience, and learning to run the front office, helping patients with their appointments, insurance, and financial concerns. Brent loves being an excellent father and dentist and has taken some extra courses to learn how to do Invisalign®, implants, and gum surgery.

Brent loves being a dentist – especially cosmetic reconstructions – and is constantly taking continuing education classes to keep up on the latest information and techniques. When he is not in the office helping people with their dental needs and wants, he enjoys spending time with his family, water sports, serving the youth of his church, and being a computer nerd.