Candid Free Second Opinions

At Oroville Gentle Dentistry we want to help you get the dental care you need and want.

There are many different ways to fix problems and improve esthetics. That is why we offer free second opinions; so you can be comfortable you know your options and are getting the care you want.

Sometimes the opinion will support the previous consult and sometimes we will explain options not previously discussed, either way you pay nothing. While we know you will get the best care possible at Oroville Gentle Dentistry, if you decide to go elsewhere to have the work that is not as important as your being comfortable with the care you are receiving. Here are some reasons you might want to get a 2nd opinion

  • You have received an expensive treatment plan with a large amount of work needing to be done.
  • You have been seeing a dentist regularly and now a new dentist tells you there is a lot of work needing to be done right away.
  • You are told a tooth is not restorable so it needs to be extracted and have an implant in it’s place.
  • You have had regular dental care and now need a “New gum treatment” to keep your teeth.
  • You want to know if there are more or other options.
  • You did not feel comfortable asking questions and want to understand better what is recommended.
  • You are told amalgam is hazardous to your health and it needs to be replaced.
  • You are interested in whiter teeth and are told there is a new light that makes it better.
  • You have had work done recently and “just doesn’t feel right”.
  • You are not happy with the appearance of your teeth and have only been given an extremely expensive option for changing it.
  • You simply want to better understand what treatment has been recommended and why.

If any of these reasons, or any others, leave you wondering if you would benefit from another opinion contact our office to schedule your FREE second opinion.