Continued Care for Teeth and Gums

The hygienists at Paradise Gentle Dentisty utilize the latest methods and techniques to help you obtain and maintain healthy gums. Sometimes with a little better explanation and understanding you are better able to maintain your gums health and some people find that they benefit from more frequent visits. We want to help you succeed in keeping your mouth healthy. Until recently it has been considered impossible to eliminate the bacteria from your mouth, but with the new breakthroughs we have discovered ways to rid your mouth of the disease and odor causing bacteria helping you keep you teeth and have better breath.

Hygienists at Paradise Gentle Dentisry use the latest in technology to give your teeth a gentle, thorough cleaning. Gone are the days of painful cleaning. Using ultrasonic scalers, hygienists can clean your teeth gently and effectively. The Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler is a state of the art instrument that has proven to be effective in removing tarter from both below and above the gum line. This system safely uses oscillating sound waves (in conjunction with hand scalers) to remove tartar. The gentle vibrations are an effective tool for deep cleaning and gum therapy.

Because the periodic exams are scheduled to give you the dentist’s undivided attention there is more opportunity to find problems and potential problems sooner. Often times cavities can be found so early in their progression that their development can be arrested or they can be filled without the need for anesthetic. The dentist and staff will take the time needed to be sure you understand what treatment, if any, is being recommended and why.

PerioProtect Trays

New progress has been made towards eliminating the disease causing bacteria in our mouths and under our gums. Check out this website for additional information about the most effective method to eliminate this bacteria forever.