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Scroll below to see what our amazing patients at Oroville Gentle Dentistry have to say!

“A before and after he can’t stop looking at himself ☺️ thank you so much for making this possible for him (us)❤️”

I just came from this dentist place and I landed with Dr. Parrott! He was absolutely kind to me and so funny, I could tell he tried to make me feel comfortable and I appreciated that A LOT! The other staff there are always so sweet and the place feels like a cozy home. Definitely my favorite dentistry I’ve ever been to! :D

Trinity L.

I have always wanted a nicer smile! Being a dentist myself, I have had the chance to help many patients get the smile they loved. I never took the chance to give myself a new smile! Obviously, we can't fix our own teeth!! I chose Dr. Parrott at Oroville Gentle Dentistry to give me my new smile. We dentists are very picky, and I wanted the best treatment possible. He and his team treated me very professionally and skillfully!! His team member, Ruby, who assisted him was "spot on" with every step of the procedure. Dr. Parrott's team members remind me of my previous wonderful staff who were so excellent. I love my smile! I love how I was treated! Yes, 5 stars!!!

Keith S.

Today I took my 2 year old in for her first dental visit. I was super nervous of how well she would be able to cooperate but the smiles on everyone there helped her feel extremely comfortable! They have a playroom for the kiddos as soon as you walk thru the door! My daughter was with Dr. Sumner and assistant Sara. They were so friendly to her and were even able to make her giggle! Their sterile tech Jake had seen my kiddo in the chair and brought her a glove balloon with a smiley face on it :) she responded to them well opened her mouth and even allowed the X-rays and instruments in her mouth! What a great experience for her and I both. Thank you Oroville Gentle Dentistry for being so gentle, caring, and most importantly informative!

Briar P.

Seriously the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Dr Sumner was very flexible with my treatment plan and asked for my input and dental goals. The “Gentle” in the name is true to a “t” as well! The gals involved in scheduling me were so helpful in getting me squeezed in before I had an insurance change last minute. But the best part was how Dr Sumner did some “instant ortho” and made a haggard, chipped, crooked front bottom tooth of mine evened out and smooth and looking like a million bucks! I loved everyone I came into contact with from the front desk to the dental assistant to the dentists themselves. Thank you all for your wonderful help! I had to work really hard to not cry happy tears stepping out of there I was so thankful.

Michaella K.

Dentist and staff were personable and friendly and made it easy to relax. Major work involved almost no pain at all. I was surprised and relieved and I am pleased with my results. I will recommend Dr. Trapani to my own family.

Brian G.

Dr Trapani was very professional and made me feel relaxed because of his calm demeanor. His confident approach is reassuring. I'd be happy to recommend him to anyone.

Mike R.

Thanks to Dr. Sumner and his staff for the excellent work on my front teeth. They took the time to make sure I was comfortable during the process and they turned out great!

Ammie M.

I absolutely LOVE this place. I’ve have horrible anxiety and just the thought of going to the dentist makes me panic but this place has made me feel so comfortable and Dr. Sumnar is the absolute best I won’t go to anyone else HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Brooke B.

Everyone at this office was so nice. And as their name implies, they are gentle. I had a tooth pulled and was very nervous, but Dr Trapani was very gentle and considerate. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a dentist.

Carrie D.

I am blown away by How much better my teeth look after being bonded. The process was easy and painless and I look so much better afterwards that I started to cry. I am deeply grateful to this Dentistry my hygienist is a wizard and I always feel treated with so much respect. Thank you with all my heart.

L. J.

Great dental office, very clean and professional. The staff are amazing and the dentists are excellent!! Totally worth the drive from Chico! The dreaded numbing shot was COMPLETELY PAINLESS thanks to Dr. Somner. :)

Kyle D.

My friends dog chipped my tooth, one of the front four. I won’t tell you which one. Called Oroville Gentle Dentistry, RyAnn set me up an appointment right away. Knowing I would NOT want to hold this off, semi emergency. As you can see the work was absolutely amazing.. can you guess which tooth it was?

Krystal B.